Ending Forced Unionism In Delaware

Delaware Right to Work Law

Passing a state Right to Work law is the most important goal of the Delaware Right to Work Committee.

Right now, thousands of Delaware workers are forced to pay tribute to a union boss — or be fired.

That’s just plain wrong.

But forced unionism affects all Delawareans because Big Labor’s inefficiencies, featherbedding, wasteful work rules and their union-label, hate-the-boss mentality are driving jobs and businesses out of Delaware.

Over the last decade, Right to Work states saw three times as much job creation as Delaware.

Meanwhile, forced dues money is funneled into Big Labor’s political machine to elect their handpicked politicians who are sure to vote to protect and expand Big Labor’s forced-dues empire.

For all these reasons, the Delaware Right to Work Committee believes that Delaware should pass a state Right to Work law to end forced union dues in Delaware.

Ending Union-Only Monopoly Bargaining for Government Workers

Right now, Delaware law grants union officials monopoly bargaining power over many public employees who may not want union boss “representation.”

Monopoly bargaining usurps those workers’ right to bargain on their own behalf and inevitably leads to poorer service at higher costs.

The Delaware Right to Work Committee believes in ending union-only monopoly bargaining in the public sector.

Banning Union-Only Project Labor Agreements

Today, Delaware law allows so-called “project labor agreements” which discriminate against the vast majority of workers in the building trades who choose not to join a union.

These agreements have been shown to raise costs, borne by taxpayers, by as much as 25% while doing nothing to ensure that projects are completed safely or on time.

The Delaware Right to Work Committee believes that government “project labor agreements” should be banned for both state and local government projects.